Michael Morenko

Award winning, multimedia designer.


Three panels from the "Shirley You Know Better" trivia quiz for the truTV show Lizard Lick Towing. After each answer, players were treated to one Ron Shirley's "Ron-isms" - a genuine down home bon mot of country wisdom. You can play the game here.
Responsible for: Design, Illustration, Animation, Video Editing, Development


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Gateway and chapter page for "Murder in Room 103", a news feature for courtTV.com. Winner of a silver BDA North America design award. Eleven chapters featured a uniquely designed flash interactive header containing supporting story content.
Responsible for: Design, Animation, Video Player and Slide Show Development

Three panels from "Only The Pawn Survive", a game for the truTV show Hardcore Pawn. Players had to buy or reject pawned objects based on potential re-sell value.
Responsible for: Design, Animation, Development.

Winner of a silver ProMax North American Design award, this game was in support of courtTV's "Impossible Heists", a reality TV contest show. Two teams faced challenges, utilizing their talents to steal that episodes goal.
Responsible for: Design, Animation, Development


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